HVAC & Refrigeration

HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC & Refrigeration
Newrefs Ship Supply

We take care of the difficulties that the customer (owner, shipyard or contractor) met during the design or construction of the following facilities like:

  • Provision refrigeration systems, direct expansion type
  • Provision refrigeration systems, secondary liquid type (brine)
  • Cold rooms, walk in and relative accessories
  • Cooling equipment for air conditioning (condensing units and chillers)
  • Air handling units (accommodation & technical space)
  • Piping for direct expansion systems
  • Piping for brine systems
  • Piping for Chilled water systems

The company can propose also the study for customized and innovative technical solutions according to the aspect of efficiency and costs (energy saving projects).


Regarding documentation, the main documents proposed are:
  • Technical specifications (from the turn-key project to the refitting project)
  • Construction drawings of equipment and machinery related to HVAC & R systems (2D and 3D)
  • Heat load calculation for provision plant and cold rooms
  • Heat load calculation for technical spaces
  • Heat load and air flow calculation for AC plant
  • Process & Instrument diagrams
  • Detailed specifications for the line components (system components)
  • Detailed specifications of materials to be used (piping schedule, material schedules, etc ..)
  • Precoordinated pipe diagrams (one-line diagrams)
  • Preparation of block diagrams for automation (ele functional block diagram)
  • Proposal for furniture of cold room components and relative position inside cold rooms.
  • Technical specifications for cold room and related components
  • Work programs schedule
  • Specifications for technical inspections
  • Specifications for tests and procedures f.a.t. test
  • Specifications for spare parts and quantitative studies relating to a particular period
  • Instruction and service manuals


  • Specific training for crew and technician
  • Proposals for machinery modifications
  • Inspections on board
  • On board service jobs
  • Commissioning operations

Our services are available all around the world.

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